Loving & serving
our neighbors in beautiful
Zionsville, IN

What is Sundance?

It’s about meeting people where they are

Many aren’t comfortable in a church setting, but they feel right at home in their neighborhood, at their school, in a local restaurant or a community park. We spend time with our neighbors in these everyday environments, and we find common ground in the questions and struggles of life. Dealing with a newborn’s sleep schedule, teens starting to date or aging parent concerns? We can relate! Questions about how God can be good and yet allow suffering? We’ll wrestle with those alongside you.

It’s about forming authentic relationships

We show we truly care by serving and blessing our neighbors in practical ways. This could be sharing a meal, taking time for heartfelt conversation around a backyard campfire, or volunteering together on a Habitat for Humanity home. We want our neighbors to know that we face the same struggles and challenges they do, and it’s okay that life gets messy.

It’s about leading people to Jesus

Most likely we aren’t going to explain a relationship with Jesus during a first conversation, but rather settle in for the long haul. We trust that as we learn to love our neighbors authentically, the Spirit of God will give us opportunities for conversations about Jesus. We will take every opportunity to show and tell our friends that Jesus IS better and DOES better than any alternative!

It’s about doing life together

In everything we do, we want to function not as individual Christians, but as a community of Christ-followers who need each other to fully demonstrate who Jesus is. We invite those who are far from Jesus to experience what Jesus-centered community looks like in everyday life. And we train every follower of Jesus to be a servant missionary wherever they go!

  • My favorite thing about spending time with people from Sundance is getting to know one another over a meal, at an event... like a family.

    Megan, 28
  • My favorite thing is getting to meet other people who are going through struggles just like I am.

    Jeremy - 37
  • What makes Sundance unique is it's desire to delve into/live life with others within the community

    Holly, 42
  • Sundance has felt like "home" to us since the day we first attended. It is so evident that the Spirit is working in the midst of this body of believers!

    Debra - 31
  • Just like Jesus was, the people at Sundance live life with people and love them like crazy through all of life's ups & downs

    Aaron - 41
  • My favorite thing about spending time with people from Sundance is “They are focused on what God's plan is for them.”

    Kasey - 29